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I was born in Europe. Recently following my heart I came to live in Florida. Family and love is all what inspires me. Even as a child I was passionate about creating all kind of crafts. I love to write and read and I am also interested in photography. 
As I worked in fashion industry in Italy for clothes and appearance I developed love for accessories, which at mine opinion is very important for personal image, and I think that what people wears represents their personality.

I am a self thought polymer clay artist.

I always wanted to mach my outfit with beautiful colorful earrings so with time I just want to have something unique that no one would have. That is why numerous times I visited artisans who made for me something that I designed. 
First time that I touched polymer clay I knew that was it. It was a love at first touch, bounds just fell off and I realized that I can make whatever I wish to and that my earrings will take color and shape of my fantasy. 

Aldo I enjoy very much designing I kind of prefer the making part when my art begins to take shape. I absolutely enjoy the most making polymer clay jewelry. I use mostly polymer clay, wire and sometimes commercial beads such as crystals and gem stones. I make my own findings out of wire including ear wires. I mostly use copper and sterling silver wire.
I enjoy making long, massive but light weight earrings that give character and bring out feminine look. I love colors so most of my art are very colorful. My inspiration? Love ...

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My favorite place in the world is Florence (Tuscany, Italy). When I think about it the first thing that comes in my mind is my aunt’s Ribollita the old Tuscany plate that combine all kind of vegetables; and vine, prosciutto, mozzarella… and of course mornings with cappuccino and brioche.

I spent 7 years in this beautiful medieval town and every day I was able to admire its architecture.

Ponte Vecchio  - The Old Bridge
Spirit of this town is so deep that I wish you all to go and visit this place where Michelangelo and Dante once walked. Not to forget the star of the city the Ponte Vecchio, the old bridge where you can find fine jewelry made by Italian artisans. Florence is like a fairy tale to me …  
So unique.

If you ever go to Italy you must visit this town! This is where I suggest you to stay.  www.hotelnizza.com Small hotel in the center of the old town it is so near train station and you have all museums and churches that you must see at a walking distance.  Roberto and Michelle will welcome you into this beautiful bed and breakfast where you can enjoy Italian hospitality. 

Today Florence is the second fashion center in Italy after Milan where fashion changes so quickly that is difficult to follow.  

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