Monday, July 25, 2011



Hy everybody,

as I already told you I accepted this 30 days challenge and I will be sharing with you every day a piece of my jewelry that I will also listing in my store. One a day.

I have some work in progress but as some of you  who work with polymer know, there are a lot of things to do before one piece is finished. 

Starting with designing, than making, baking, sanding and buffing and at the and glazing. 
I usually glaze my pieces at least 2 times sometimes more because I want to give them nice shine. 

And of course I need to make some nice photographs :)

So I have a lot of work to do today. Off to do some creative things. I will share my piece later today
XO  JP with Love 

Yellow polymer clay earrings by JP with Love
I really loooooove this small hoop heart earrings. They are so cute easy to meatch with every outfitt, perfect for summer.
You can wear them with sweet litllle dress or even with a pair of jewns and nice t-shirt. Bring some SUNSHINE yellow in your day  with this lovely hearts.       Feminine and girly ....

Yellow earrings back side of heart by JP with Love
Back side is snake skin textured and color is metallic silver :)
Just beautiful  and so affordable.

They can be yours for Just $12

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