Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meet Irene from ishalohalo on Etsy

Today I want to present you young talented lady I met on ETSY.
I enjoyed reading about her story

 Meet Irene from Is-Ha-Lo-Ha-Lo on Etsy!

Satin dress Angelina inspired

My name is Irene and I am originally from the Philippines. My family moved to the United States when I was thirteen and lived in Brooklyn, New York for 16 years. I met my husband in NYC and after living in Brooklyn, my husband and I moved to Boston. We lived in Boston for 2 years where we had our eldest son. We left Boston to live in LA for 1 year. 
We found our solitude here San Diego where my younger son was born. Here in San Diego is where I started I’s Ha-Lo Ha-Lo in June 2008. 
Halohalo is a tagalog word for a mixture of things. I thought this to be an appropriate name for my little business since I create various things. 

I have been creating/crafting/sewing for a long time. 
Friends have told me to introduce my talent to the public, but I did not quite know how and never pursued it. 
Not until I visited a craft show here in San Diego one day and saw vendors who had their children with them. This really inspired me. 

I thought to myself “ I can do this!” 

Wrist band with fortune locket

This was the catalyst of where I am right now with my hobby which turned into this little shop I have on Etsy. I’s Ha-Lo Ha-Lo initially started with baby quilts. 
I got inspired by other vendors and took the designing clothes route. I enjoy making different pieces and have seen improvement in my designs as others have since I started. 
I am self-thought. 
All the “how to” do things like making a bodice, putting on zippers and adding lining to a piece, I owe it all to Youtube :) 
Lately I have been crazy about making little funky accessories like my fabric earrings, button ring, fortune locket bracelets and wrist bands. 

Button ring green
All my energy are currently towards these. I am happy that I can do all these different things and offer them in my shop. Who knows what I will do next. Creating through designing and sewing have been my outlet from my many roles in life. It's an addiction that I have to continue and can only hope that this journey will last .
You can visit Irene's Shop Is-Ha-Lo-Ha-Lo and explore her handmade jewelry  and clothing.



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