Sunday, October 16, 2011

Felt bow hair pin, hair accessory

 Felt bow hair pin, hair accessory

BOWS in hair!!!

I recenly adventured myself in the world of felt! I was so curious ! 
The winter season is comming and I find this material perfect for upcoming season. 
Orange felt bow hair pin

This is one of my latest creations :) I am soooo in loved with this cute little bow.  So cute!!!!

I already can say next week will be full of bows for me :))) Bows in all colors are coming up!
For more check all my new felt hair pins here !!!

Simple hair pin bow



  1. I really like bow-ties (in their normal shape & size for wearing around the neck but also in other shapes & sizes too) and these felt bow-tie pins you've made look superadorable :3

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