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Featured artist Rebecca from Max and Magnolia

Artist that I have pleasure to feature this week is Rebecca from Max and Magnolia. She is a fellow member of Lush Team on ETSY
Take a moment and let your self bee puld into the world of colorful baby clothes...
Dirt Bike Stencil Onesie

"I'm a CA girl born and Canadian girl bread- both my parents are from Alberta, Canada. I love mid-century design, comfy but flirty clothes, watching my taped TV shows and snacking. I've lived in 6 states & spent 7+ yrs working as an HR Director on Wall Street. After a particularly long 14 hr day I decided this really wasn't how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I told my then-boyfriend & off to CA we went. My family is all on the West Coast and I wanted to be closer (it helped that he had a brother in CA as well). Fast forward 5 yrs and I am now a Domestic Goddess (my preferred title) working from home in So. Cal. and caring for 2 little boys (3yrs & 1yr), 1 husband & 2 dogs. I'm lucky most days if I get 1 complete hour to myself for my Max & Magnolia products, but I wouldn't change it. (ok, maybe I would ask for 1 more hour).
The elephant in the room - Stencil Onesie
I grew up with a mom who had some serious quilting skillz. She did show me a few tricks but I was way too impatient as a kid to absorb much of it. These days practice, a really good machine & sticking to straight lines helps. Just kidding, I'm much better now and actually make a bunch of clothes for my boys using their dad's old clothes. A fun girls night at my house a few years ago is what prompted me to start Max & Magnolia with a good friend. 2 friends showed us how to dye & paint clothes & voila an idea popped into my head. Hours were spent perfecting the dye process, trying out stencil designs, testing paint products & putting a list together of things we wanted in the shop. A lot of chocolate and diet coke was consumed :) Sadly, my friend moved away and couldn't dedicate time to the shop anymore. Thank goodness for FaceBook to help us keep in touch!
Rock & Roll
Onesies are my main product. I just loved when my little Max was crawling around with only a onesie on, but didn't love the options out there. Pacifier clips were added for the same reason. Most of my onesies are stenciled, but I am just starting to make my designs with heat transfer material & fabric appliqué, so stay tuned!

Looking for new inspiration. Whenever I stop by LA's garment district for more blanks I always take a quick stroll down at least one of the fabric streets. I love looking at the fabrics and picking up a yard or 2 for a new project. I also enjoy searching the globe (via the WWW) for cool ribbon or vintage fabric to use. Thinking of some cute chubby baby wearing one of my onesies puts a smile on my face. 
Pacifier Clip - Black w/ Large white polka dot
In her free time she like to be with family, go to park, outdoor mall, whatever - so long as all tree of them are together. 
- Shoe shopping. Actualy, should say I "miss" shoe shopping. My collection (from my NY living days) has taken a real hit now that I spend my $ on the boys or supplies for my shop. 
- GNO's! I have a fun group of friends and we regulary try to get together fora a craft night or BUNCO night. If you are free we are having a Cinco de Mayo BUnco night at my place next week :)

I always ask featured artist to tell me which are their favorite shops and why, this is what she sad...

LIROLA Saving & trying to narrow down what I want from this gorgeous shop. I love the colors, and that they are sassy & modest at the same time. Right now I want her 7-ways-to-wear dress SO BAD I can taste it. You are basically getting 7 dresses in 1 right?
THE VINTAGE SUPPLYCO Always checking back at this shop for some cool mid-century find for my home. The shop has a little bit of everything so you can basically do one-stop shopping. I also love the pictures, I totally feel like I'm in some 1960's home. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading about Rebecca if you want to learn more you can visit her store and became her fan on facebook or contact her by e-mail.


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