Friday, May 6, 2011

Work in progress hair clips and stud earrings by JP with love Jewelry

I was always in love with accessories specially with jewelry in particular with earrings. I like to mach them with outfits, and I always loved strange, long and massive earrings. For me stud earrings were almost invisible. I kind of think that thay are appropriate for work or some really formal occasions. To be honest I never bought a pair in my life. 

I do not know what happened in the mean time. I came up with an idea to tray to make one pair. I really liked the result so I made another one, and another one ...  :) 

As I wrote few post ago for making my first stud earrings I used Japanese technique mokume gane which gave me unexpected results.  With this technique you can not make 2 exact the same pieces, every piece is absolutely unique and on of the kind.  So that is how it started... 

My new favorite earrings now unfinished yet. 

For more pictures click here
I am soooooo exited and can not waith to finish this stud earrings. 
I love pastel colors so this will be real rainbow of spring colors. 
I will probably make sets of two or three pairs and try to make some beautiful combos. Still do not know if it is beather to make them in one color or to combine different colors and different shapes. What do you think? Any advice?

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