Thursday, May 26, 2011

Polymer clay necklace and ring roses

Polymer clay necklace and ring roses set by JP with Love on Etsy
Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite pieces that I made as a present for my dear friend from Orlando.
Polymer clay necklace roses by JP with Love Jewelry on ETSY
I really adore this piece, and I am thinking of making another one for my shop. So If you have a moment please leave a comment if you like this set and you think that someone would buy this piece.
Polymer clay roses necklace front side

Let me say a few word about how I made this piece.

This necklace has two layers the front and the back. This is front side which I textured with little leaves. I found that it is excellent idea because it seams that roses lay on the grass, seems so natural.
Once clay was backed I colored it to give those leafs 3 dimensional look.

The back side is another color it is copper and similar to color of the roses from the back side. It is textured too but with bigger leaves.

Polymer clay necklace back side

Roses were made out of polymer clay, color is copper, red vine, burgundy... 
I spread some copper powder over the petals to give them shiny and kind of wet look.

Polymer clay rose ring
I used wonderful copper chain, and I made beautiful clasp from copper wire. Clasp is hammered.

This piece is sanded, buffed and then glazed with shine glaze 2 times to get wonderful shiny look.

Time I needed to complete this set is 5 hours.

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