Sunday, June 19, 2011

Heart necklace and heart earrings polymer clay set

Heart necklace and heart earrings polymer clay set Handmade jewelry by JP with Love on etsy

Heart polymer clay set
After I custom make earrings for my future to be sister in law I also designed a necklace to mach with earrings. 
It is really simple design but I find it so elegant and delicate. 
Unfortunately my husband who was taking this pictures is not so good with a camera and he didn't captured the most beautiful part of this set and that is color effect which is metallic turquoise and changing shade from light turquoise to ''chameleon'' turquoise kind of teal yellow shade.

Of course this set is double side textured as almost every my piece of jewelry. The front side is  textured with beautiful lace with flower motives, that is why I think this piece is so feminine. That special something is given by the lace. To acieve this gorgeous color I used mica powders.  I will make some close up photos today to add into this blog. Hope I will make some nice pictures.

Making this set was really a pleasure.
Hope you can see a bit of color effect it is really stunning.
Color changing effect. Chameleon

After baking of clay every piece is hand sanded and buffed until get the nice smooth surphase and then glazes 2 times. I used antiqued silver plated 17'' long chain to complete the necklace. 
Ear wire is made of copper wire and then hammered.

Time I needed to complete this set is 4 hours.

It is beautiful summer jewelry set that you can easily match with every outfit! Once I have all pictures ready I will put it in my store and I will make a few in other colors. Probably white and brown.

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